Community Supported Art 2014

CSArt, the award-winning, community supported art and creative economy program, is returning for 2014.

CSArt is modeled on the "community supported agriculture" programs that have flourished across the country for the past 20 years. CSArt is for artists interested in selling original works of art that can be produced in a limited edition of 50.

Like community supported agriculture, CSArt links producers - in this case, artists who are interested in developing a limited edition of an original work of art - with consumers who buy shares and receive three deliveries of art this fall.

Rather than produce or other edibles, CSArt shareholders will receive three bags - each containing three original works of art. The works might include a limited run of 50 small sculptures, paintings, stained glass, line drawings, lithographs, or photographs. We look forward to a range of proposals drawn from the rich creativity of the Greater Boston art communities.

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CCAE CS ART from Cambridge Center for Adult Ed on Vimeo.


Call for submissions! Click here to apply!

A jury will review these submissions, and then several artists will be invited to CCAE for an interview. The final group of participating artists will be announced at the end of May.

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We are very grateful to our CSArt partners and supporters:

Massachusetts Cultural CouncilCambridge Local FirstCambridge Arts CouncilSomerville Local FirstSomerville Arts CouncilEastern Bank